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Carbide End Mills

Industrial Quality Solid Carbide End Mills for Metal

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North90: Awesome endmills! Slice though aluminum without effort or chatter. Really happy
north90: Pretty good endmill! For me it did not much better than standard endmills on aluminum. Low chatter!

About Our End Mills

Premium Carbide End Mills engineered to the highest quality with the best raw material & coatings for demanding applications. High tech geometries manufactured in Canada on the most state of the art 5 Axis CNC Grinders in the world. Extremely rigid quality control to assure the tightest tolerances & consistency.

Performance Guide


  • General Purpose
  • 30 deg Helix Carbide
  • 10% Micro Grain Carbide
  • Diameter Tolerances: +.0.0000”/-0.0020”

High Performance

  • Special Helix Design
  • Variable Pitch to Reduce Chatter
  • 10% Micro Grain Carbide
  • Diameter Tolerances: +0.0000”/-0.0020”

Ultra High Performance/Ultra High Performance Aluminum

  • Special Helix Design
  • Variable Pitch to Reduce Chatter
  • 10% Extra Fine Sub-Micron Carbide
  • Extremely High Transverse Rupture Strength
  • Diameter Tolerances: +0.0000”/-0.0015”

Coating Guide

TiALN (Titanium Aluminum Nitride) 

  • Blue-Grey Color; Provides added abrasion resistance & reduced friction for chips plus higher heat resistance to improve tool life

ZrN (Zirconium Nitride)

  • Pale Gold Color; Provides high lubricity for machining aluminum & non-ferrous materials

DLC (Diamond Like Carbon)

  • Black Color; Extremely hard with very high wear resistance for  machining aluminum & non-ferrous materials


Shop our premium and durable Carbide end mills for metal cutting. Our Carbide cutters use general purpose geometry and high-performance blanks. Our end mills provide perfect and precise cuts on flat surfaces. Plus, since they’re highly heat resistant, our end mills can be used for high speed applications on various types of hard materials. Our Carbide end mills are of the highest quality and guaranteed to get the job done right for you.

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