Bandsaw Blades for Metal

Bandsaw Blades for Cutting Metal

We have 4 band saw blade materials suitable for metal cutting, they are:

Bi-Metal M42 – The workhorses of the metal cutting industry, these blades are a combination of hardened M42 teeth and tool steel in combination with a fatigue resistant backer. Excellent on difficult to machine solids and heavy walled structures. For medium to heavy production machines.

Bi-Metal Matrix – Popular in maintenance and small fabricating shops, the matrix blades are for general purpose cutting of materials with easy to moderate machinability. For small to medium size bandsaws.

Flexback Carbon – Made from high carbon steel with hardened tooth tips. The unhardened flexible back makes these blades more resistant to fatigue from the stress of curve cutting. Most popular for wood cutting, these blades also work for aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. They are an inexpensive blade with a low cost per cut in wood.

Hardback Carbon – Similar to the Flexback carbon, however these blades are stiffer due to the hardened and tempered back. This makes these blades ideal in situations where straighter cuts or heavier feed pressure are required. This general purpose material is effective in; wood, plastic, cork, composition board, plywood, low-alloy ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals.

Here are some common applications along with appropriate blade selection to help guide you:

  • Steel cutting on small or portable bandsaw – use 10-14 variable pitch
  • Steel Tube – use 6-10, 8-12, 10-14 variable pitch
  • Steel Solid – use 6-10, 5-8, 4-6 variable pitch
  • Steel Sheet – use 8-12 or 10-14 variable pitch
  • Aluminum Sheet – use 8 TPI to 10 TPI
  • Aluminum Pipe – use 6 TPI or 8 TPI
  • Aluminum Solid – use 6 TPI or coarser depending on thickness


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