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Canada’s Premier Supplier for Drilling and Cutting Tools

Searching for bandsaw blades, drill bits, boring bits, countersinks, carbide burrs, jig-recip-hacksaw blades, end mills, taps and dies, or hole saws? We’re Canada’s Premiere Supplier for these products and more such as router bits, circular saw blades, shaper cutters, inserts, planer and jointer knives, metalworking tools, demurring tools, counterbores, screw extractors, tool bits, cutting fluid, and much more. With the best prices and shipping from Canada, we have the industrial quality bits you’re looking for! 

We make custom bandsaw blades to fit your machine and your cutting needs. Create your own custom sized bandsaw blades with our Custom Bandsaw Blade Calculator

Can’t find the right saw blade for your application or just need help? Give us a call at 888-665-6936, and we’ll help you out.  

Drilling, Cutting
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