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Laurie J. 02/10/2019
Saw blades for a 10" hobby band saw, expeditious delivery, followed break in procedure, Work great. Now my band saw supplier of choice...
Ken Zorn 01/10/2021
Ordered a Flexback Bamdsaw blade. It arrived within stated time. Cuts in 3&1/4 in thick Birch were extremely smooth and required very little sanding. I would absolutely recommend this company. When needed I will order again from them...
Les Brown 07/10/2020
great product , right size and FAST shipping..
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Forstner Bits
What are Forstner Bits and why/where are they used? When you are looking for a clean, splinter free hole in hardwood, softwood, plywood or other man-made materials like MDF, forstner bits are often your best choice. Most forstner style bits feature these common features; Smooth cutting exterior “knife edge”. Some versions of forstners also have teeth cut into the outside edge and/or side clearance relief ground into the outside of the cutting surface. Centering point – so that you can place the hole accuratly in the workpiece. Chipper blades – these are the 1 or 2 flat bottom “..
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