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Custom Sized Bandsaw Blades

We are able to make the bandsaw blade you need. We have all types of blades from Flexback Carbon, Hardback Carbon, Bi-Metal Matrix, M42, and even some specialty blades like the stainless steel Meat Cutting Blade. Create the perfect custom length bandsaw blades today with Online Supply.

We make your bandsaw blade to order  Build It!

Not sure what to order? Read this page first!

Bandsaw blades are discounted in the shopping cart based on Mix & Match order value 

Order $100 or more = 20% Discount
Order $250 or more = 30% Discount

Note: For Factory-Direct Shipping, bandsaw blades must meet a minimum $100.00 (mix & match) order value.

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Custom Length Bandsaw Blades Shop our extensive selection of custom length bandsaw blades, design..
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Note on 3 Wheel Bandsaws and Bench Top “Hobby” Saws  – The blades we custom weld are not guaranteed for use on a 3 wheel or hobby bandsaw. These saws typically have wheels that are 10” or less in diameter. You can order custom blades for these saws, however the smaller wheels puts more stress on the weld and material and makes them more prone to breakage. Therefore we do not gurantee the weld or the material when used on these saws. The recommended material for these saws is thinner (.014”) and we have a selection of these blades in common sizes here: CLICK HERE for Hobby Bands

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