High Quality Solid Carbide and Spiral Router Bits Made in Canada

Spiral Router Bits

Solid Carbide Router Bits for CNC or Router – Factory Direct!

All of these high quality router bits are made in Canada! Use the filters below to set the parameters for the bits you need. As you adjust the filters, product links will appear at the bottom of the page that match your selections.

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Top quality Canadian made solid carbide and spiral router bits for your CNC or router

Manufactured in North America to exacting standards, these solid carbide router bits will provide you with the best performance and value combination. Primarilly used in CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) routers but are also popular in hand held and table mounted routers. 

  • Use Upcut for plunging through the material and a clean cut on the underside of the cut as improved chip ejection in pocket or rebate cuts.
  • Use Downcut for a clean top surface and assists in material hold down
  • Use Compression when you need a clean cut top and bottom (typically for double sided veneer plywood or laminated materials)
  • Use Chipbreaker to improve furring and tear out
  • Use Low Helix for routing plastics and for finish passes on solid wood
  • Use “O” Flute for aluminum, soft plastic and hard plastics
  • Use “Ripper” with serrated tooth design to eliminate tear out in difficult wood grains 
  • UltiMAX Coating – minimizes friction, increases edge hardness and has excellent adhesion. Provides exceptional tool life specifically on nested routing applications


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