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#725 handy for automotive, electrical, hardware, industrial, signs/display, welding. Prevents spatte..
$10.30CAD $8.76CAD
Brake parts cleaner Low V.O.C Dissolves brake fluid, grease and oil High pressure spraying..
$7.34CAD $5.87CAD
#985 cleans, deodorizes and degreases parts, work areas, walls, and floors. Removes dirty hand print..
$9.92CAD $8.43CAD
The most versatile glass cleaner available - cleans glass, windows, mirrors, windshields; enamel sur..
$7.12CAD $5.70CAD
Economical lubricant/release agent for professional, and industrial trade use. Stops squeaks; preven..
$11.46CAD $9.17CAD
All purpose heavy duty lubircant for automotive, industry, marine, office and home ..
$12.30CAD $9.40CAD
Created with the hardware professional and woodworking tradesman in mind. Quickly cleans saws, route..
$11.42CAD $9.14CAD
SW-295 (formerly sprayway #801 woodworkers dry lube) this non-oily, non-staining woodworker’s lubric..
$14.30CAD $11.44CAD
Versatile enough for use on automotive and marine equipment, household items, hardware, tools, print..
$10.06CAD $8.05CAD
sp-294 a premium gold grease that delivers excellent lubrication while it prevents corrosion and e..
$11.17CAD $10.05CAD
sp-288 this heavy duty penetrant is designed to work fast loosening rust and corrosion. The noncon..
$10.87CAD $9.78CAD
sp-291 this chain & cable lubricant provides superior penetrating action to rollers, pins, lin..
$10.83CAD $9.75CAD
For the art studio; print, picture framing, screen print, or signs/display shop; sewing trades perso..
$16.60CAD $14.11CAD
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