Fast Track Sanding Belts

Fast Track Sanding Belts – Any Size – Any Configuration!

The “Fast Track” Custom Sanding Belt program offers:

  • Quicker lead times than standard custom belt manufacturing 
  • Smaller minimum quantities on some sizes of sanding belts
  • Instant pricing and quantity minimums (as soon as you fill in the form)
  • Premium quality abrasive materials from European and North American manufacturers only!

Having a tough time finding the exact sanding belt you need? Whether you have an older model belt sander where the belts are not easily available, or you have an application where you need abrasive belts that are not what is normally stocked on the shelf, we have you covered!

Ordering your belts on our Custom Sanding Belts page is an easy 5 step process;

  1. Enter the width of belt you need in inches.

    If you need a size in between full inch measurements, select the fraction of an inch from the provided “drop down” selection (convert from metric by dividing the milimeters by 25.4)

  2. Enter the length of belt you need in inches.

    Using the same parameters as the width measurement above. To get an accurate length for your belt, you can cut an old belt and lay it out flat, measuring the full length. If you do not have an old belt, you can wrap masking tape or string around the belt rollers, make sure they are tight and then cut and remove. Lay that tape or string out flat and measure the full length. Keep in mind that most belt sanders have a spring adjustment for tension so you need to be a little shorter than the maximum extended length for that tensioner to work.

  3. Select your desired “Belt Grit” from the provided drop down.

    The size of the grit on the belt determines how rough or smooth the finish will be after using it. A simple way (however not perfectly accurate) way to think of grain size is “how many of these rocks does it take to fill a square inch?” So,16 grit is very coarse and 400 grit is quite fine.

    Grits 16, 24, 36, 40, 50 & 60 are for material removal and rough shaping.

    Grits 80, 100 &120 are for smoothing surfaces and removing imperfections

    Grits 150, 180, 220, 240, 320, 400, 400, 600 and 800 are for final finishing surfaces

  4. Select your desired “Belt Material” from the provided drop down.

    Aluminum Oxide

    The “workhorse” of the abrasive grains, this Aluminum Oxide belt is on a resilient cloth backing suitable for hard and soft woods, non-ferrous metals like aluminum and most grades of steel.

    Aluminum Oxide Paper

    Available for Wide Belt sanders only (over 16” wide belts) This material is very similar to the Aluminum Oxide above but on a tough paper backing. Especially suitable for finer finishing grits 120 and above.

    Zirconia (Zirconia Alumina)

    You can think of Zirconia as the industrial equivalent of Cubic Zirconia from the jewelry industry. This man-made material is very hard and works well in applications where high heat develops from sanding hard materials especially in heavy removal applications. Choice applications for Zirconia are for rough sanding or shaping of very hard woods, steel and stainless steel.


    A relative newcomer to the abrasive sanding belt realm, ceramic belts are a specially heat treated aluminum oxide grain that is extremely hard. Although ceramic grain is more expensive than its counterparts, it will make that up for you in production when you look over the longer term life of the belt. Ceramic belts really shine in hard metal applications such as Stainless Steel, Iconel & Tool Steel.

    Silicon Carbide

    This grain is very similar to the rock called “slate” or “shale”. Very sharp and brittle (we call that “friable” in the abrasive industry). Most commonly found on wet & dry sanding sheets, Silicon Carbide is the grain of choice for belt sanding glass, plastic, rubber, ceramic or other masonry type materials. It is also very popular in the very high grits for fine finishing on both metal and wood.

  5. Select the Quantity you desire ande click “Add To Cart”

    The minimum/package quantity is based on the width of belt you are ordering – this will set automatically for you
1/2” 25
5/8” 25
3/4” 16
1” 12
1-1/4” 18
1-1/2” 16
1-3/4” 12
2” 12
2-1/4” 10
2-1/2” 12
3” 12
3-1/2” 12
4” 12
4-1/2” 6
5-6” 4
7-10” 4
11-12” 4
12” + 5


Once you have the belts you need you can checkout normally, selecting (when available) either “Direct from Main Warehouse” shipping or “Consolidated from BC Warehouse” shipping.

We will process your order right away and follow up with an estimated lead time. Most Custom Belts are able to be manufactured within 10-15 business days.

Ready to get started? Click HERE to be taken to the Custom Sanding Belt page


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