Hand Pad 6" Wide x 9" Long Gray Ultra Fine Silicon Carbide Klingspor 342851

Brand: Klingspor Abrasives
Product Code: 342851
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NPA 500 Non-Woven Web – for paint, varnish, plastic, stainless steel


Klingspor non-woven web hand pads NPA 500 – non-woven web hand pads for both wet and dry sanding

Designed for a wide range of different materials, the non-woven web hand pads NPA 500 produce a perfect hand sanding finish every time. The silicon carbide material provides for a smooth scratch pattern without any swirl marks. The NPA 500 abrasive is available in 3 grades, which are colour-coded for easy identification:

  • “Medium” – medium: Colour black
  • “Ultra fine” – ultra fine: Colour grey
  • “non-abrasive” – with no grit: Colour white

Hand sanding with the non-woven web hand pads NPA 500 by Klingspor

The application options of the NPA 500 are legion: whether used on stainless steel, paints, varnish, filler plastic – the NPA 500 always produces impeccable results during hand sanding.

NPA 500 is a non-woven web you need to achieve the perfect finish

The non-woven web creates a finish on the surface. The non-woven has an open meshes structure that allow for the collection and subsequent removal of dust and debris. The structure, thereby, effectively prevents clogging, giving the non-woven web hand pads an exceptionally long service life.

Intended purpose of the Klingspor NPA 500

The Klingspor non-woven web hand pads NPA 500 are particularly well suited for blending surfaces. They are the perfect hand sanding for graining intricate contours. When used for this type of material processing, the non-woven web hand pads NPA 500 perform especially well on flat surfaces. Its resistance to water makes these non-woven web hand pads suitable for both dry and wet sanding. The standard size of the non-woven web hand pads NPA 500 is 152 x 229 mm (width x length) – one packing unit holds 20 sheets. Additional sizes and dimensions and orders for larger quantities are available at any time upon request.

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