Flap Wheel 5" Diameter 20mm Wide With 5/8-11 Arbour Hole WSM617 Aluminum Oxide 80 Grit Klingspor 280238

Brand: Klingspor Abrasives
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WSM 617 Abrasive Mop – for steel, stainless steel, paint, plastic, wood


WSM 617: Abrasive mop wheels for steel, stainless steel, paint, plastic, and wood

The abrasive mop wheels are suitable for use in front and side position on any standard angle grinder. This angle grinder mop is used for work on

  • steel
  • stainless steel
  • paint
  • plastic
  • wood

Fitting the angle grinder mop on the angle grinder is quick and easy and can be done by hand. There is no need to use any additional tools.

An extensive range of processing options

These abrasive mop wheels come in a wide selection of different grit sizes. This exhaustive range makes this product equally ideal for rough grinding on steel and other materials as well as for fine sanding applications. A coarser grit provides for a higher removal rate. A higher removal rate translates to a rougher surface. Examples of applications where such an angle grinder mop is the perfect solution include the quick blending of weld seams or the removal of paint layers. The better option for fine sanding on plastic or wood surfaces is an abrasive mop wheel that is combined with a finer grit.

Pick the right sanding speed to achieve the best possible results

Achieving the best grinding result when working with an angle grinder hinges on a multitude of factors. Grit size is only one of these factors. Another essential factor is the cutting speed. This factor is derived from the motor speed of the angle grinder. There is a speed that works best for each individual angle grinder mop. Users working at that particular speed will experience that the centrifugal force causes the flaps of the abrasive mop to stand up in a radial arrangement. The abrasive action necessary to remove material is limited to the edge of the abrasive flaps. The edge wears down, constantly making available a new part of the flap with fresh abrasive grain.

Work with sharp abrasive grain at all times

This unique feature lets users produce an even scratch pattern that will not change over time. Users need to consider the following when working with abrasive wheels that are suitable for use in front and side position: Its design lets an abrasive mop inherently produce a fine finish compared to abrasive belts. This is why the user needs to pick a grit that is two to three sizes coarser to achieve the same intended scratch pattern. This applies to both steel and other types of material.

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