Flap Wheel 1-1/2" Diameter 1" Depth 1/4" Shank Interleaf NCS600 60 Grit Klingspor 299880

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NCS 600 Small Abrasive Mop – for stainless steel, metals


Small finishing mop NCS 600 for a fine surface scratch pattern

high removal rate and a fine surface scratch pattern are characteristic of the small finishing mop NCS 600. It is the ideal abrasive for

  • stainless steel
  • metal
  • plastic

and, thus, for all tough and high quality finished surfaces. The outstanding performance of this small abrasive mop can be attributed to its combination of two types of abrasive materials. The mop is made up of an alternating arrangement of non-woven flaps and abrasive cloth. This design harness the benefits of two different materials.

Synthetic resin and aluminium oxide for a long service life

The product is guaranteed to last for a long time thanks to the combination of grain and bonding on the abrasive cloth. The abrasive grain chosen for the small finishing mop NCS 600 is Aluminium oxide. Aluminium oxide is an exceedingly hard and tough synthetic grain. The shape of its grains is crystalline and irregular. These features make Aluminium oxide the best choice when a high removal rate is of the essence. The grain owes its exceptional strength to a dual synthetic resin bond. The first layer affixes the aluminium oxide crystals to the backing by means of synthetic resin. The second layer covers the grain, thus embedding it firmly and contributing to the long service life of the abrasive. The non-woven material between the abrasive flaps provides for a uniform finish throughout the lifetime of this small abrasive mop.

Small finishing mop NCS 600 for a myriad of applications

The combined small abrasive mop performs equally well when used with a straight grinder or a flexible shaft connected to a stationary machine and as an attachment fitted on a drilling machine. Klingspor offers this small finishing mop with different grit sizes, covering a range from coarse to very fine sanding applications. In addition, customers can purchase the small finishing mop in different sizes. This wide range of available options makes it equally ideal for work on small and large workpieces. The size that is used depends on the speed of the grinder. The higher the speed, the smaller the diameter and the width of the abrasive tool they need to select. Electric tools with an adjustable speed allow the user to vary the size of the small finishing mop within the range of available tool settings.

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    Fast shipping and excellent blades ..
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    Finally a place a can find Band saw blades for my old saw. good stuff..
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    Im Very happy whit , I spoke direct with sealer he seams very honesty about the shipping ( pandemic ), I do recommend this site ..
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    Have used Skookum Tools for quite awhile and still happy ! ..
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