Belt 6x99 CS416Y Zirconia Y-Weight Polyester ACT Coating 100grit

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Brand: Klingspor Abrasives
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Klingspor abrasive belt CS 416 Y – dependable and durable for a wide range of applications

The abrasive belt CS 416 Y sets itself apart with its durability and is ideally suited for sanding a large variety of materials. Equipped with a cloth backing, it is distinguished by its high level of aggressiveness. The Klingspor abrasive belt is resistant to moisture.

Abrasive belt CS 416 Y with a semi-open coating

Its cloth backing made of Y-polyester lets the abrasive belt CS 416 Y reign supreme with unparalleled tear resistance. The bonding used for the abrasive material is made of synthetic resin. The abrasive material used for this product is zirconia alumina with a semi-open coating. This material is self-sharpening and affords the user an exceptionally high level of aggressiveness and abrasive performance. The semi-open coating of the grain also provides for reduced clogging. Resistant to water, the abrasive belt is also an excellent choice for wet grinding applications.

Abrasive belt CS 416 Y for sanding stainless steel, plastic and other types of material

It can be used for sanding

  • stainless steel,
  • steel,
  • non-ferrous metal,
  • plastic and
  • leather.

Versatile and straightforward use of the abrasive belt CS 416 Y

The abrasive belt CS 416 Y comes with a semi-open zirconia coating and can be used for rough sanding, edge machining and deburring as well as for surface sanding. Its aggressiveness and semi-open coating equip it with the properties needed to deliver outstanding efficiency and an excellent service life. It matches perfectly with surface grinding machines, wide belt machines, pedestal sanders and centreless sanding machines. Since this blue abrasive is particularly well suited for sanding skis, it can also be fitted on a ski grinding machine. No matter with which machine it is combined, the abrasive belt with its Y-polyester cloth backing excels with its exceptional tear resistance. Klingspor offers the abrasive cloth in a variety of grit sizes and as a wide belt, short belt and long belt version.

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  • Mark P
    Purchased some 1X30 belts for small belt sander. Belts were as advertised. The 50 grit ceramic belts are amazing. Shaped 4 knives out of 1/8" 1084 and the belt is still like new. Order came promptly and very well packaged. I will definitely be ordering more products from Skookum. Good Job!!!..
  • Galaxie Powder Coating
    Sanding disks arrived on time. Always great service. Thank you. ..
  • Al K.
    When it comes down to band saw blades this is clearly the place to order from. However I was also in the market for 3 table saw blades. After sifting threw countless number of blades I found myself confused and frustrated. I ended up ordering from Lee Valley. Better descriptions and a some filter ..
  • Blake
    Excellent product and service as well..
  • Ben Benedict
    Ordered again Love the product,I will order band saw blades soon Great shipping timing Thanks..
  • Randy b
    I ordered my blades ina Wednesday and they were made and on my doorstep Friday afternoon. Good quality and great service..
  • mikeo
    fast delivery looks good still not used..
  • John
    The custom blade arrived as predicted. Quality of the blade is great. Far superior to the equivalent Bosch blade. The narrow kerf is ideal for cutting small wood pieces for the wooden toys I make for my grandkids. Cuts straight and smooth. You are now my go to supplier for bandsaw blades...
  • Robert
    Swift service , great staff online , had what we needed , thank you. ..
  • Garry M.
    Blades arrived promptly. Haven't needed to use them yet...
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