Carbide Tipped Hole Saws

Industrial Quality Carbide Tipped Holesaws

Long Tool Life
Heat resistant carbide teeth for long life in tile and stainless steel

Added Durability
Thick backing plate resists damage and increases life

Unique Tooth Style
Engineered design provides ability to cut in stainless steel like no other

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1-3/8" c/t holesaw part # mp7035 ..
$30.93CAD $26.29CAD
2" c/t holesaw part # mp7051 ..
$37.40CAD $31.79CAD
2-1/4" c/t holesaw part # mp7054 ..
$45.21CAD $38.43CAD
2-3/4" c/t holesaw part # mp7070 ..
$51.75CAD $43.99CAD
4" c/t holesaw part # mp7102 ..
$78.68CAD $66.88CAD
4-1/4" c/t holesaw part # mp7108 ..
$112.58CAD $95.69CAD
1-1/8" c/t holesaw part # mp7029..
$29.23CAD $24.85CAD


What sizes of Bi-Metal Hole Saws are available?

We have bi-metal holesaws in sizes ranging from 9/16” through to 6” diameter. Check out the filter at the top of the Hole Saw page for a drop down selection of all the available sizes.

What are bi-metal hole saws used for?

Bi-Metal holesaws are versatile drilling tools and can be used in either a hand drill or a drill press. With a good quality hole saw and the correct drilling speed, you can make holes in steel, aluminum, wood, fibreglass, plastics and more! So for just about any application where you are looking to drill larger holes, a hole saw is most likely your best choice!

How do I choose the correct arbour or mandrel for my hole saw?

Industrial Hole Saw mandrels come in 2 basic categories; Small for hole saws from 9/16” through to 1-3/16” and Large for hole saws from 1-1/4” through to 6”. Make sure the shank size of the mandrel you are choosing with fit within the capacity of your drill chuck.

The most popular mandrels have a “Quick-Change” feature that makes switching out sizes of hole saws fast and easy.

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