Jobber Length - General Purpose Drills

  • Black Oxide 118° Standard  – black oxide surface treatment, helps reduce friction and increased chip flow. Use for soft steel, wood & plastic. Not for non-ferrous metals.
  • Black Gold 135° Split Point – self centering drills faster especially in stainless steel. This is our most popular series of drills for all applications.
  • Bright - polished for increased chip flow. For use in plastics, woods and aluminum.
  • Cobalt – harder than HSS as it includes 5-8% Cobalt blended into the base material. This is a great option for drilling into harder stees as well as stainless steel grades.
  • TiN - Can be run faster than uncoated drills and increased tool life.
  • Mechanics Length – shorter drills with flats on the shank.

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