Belt 2x72 CS326Y Agglomerated Aluminum Oxide Y-Weight Polyester 320grit

Brand: Klingspor Abrasives
Product Code: KLB2X72Y2320
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CS 326 Y Abrasive Cloth, KULEX – for stainless steel, steel


Abrasive belt CS 326 Y – the long-life abrasive for exceptional service life.

This long-life abrasive performance is due to the agglomerate bundles of grain. It is recommended for use in wet grinding applications. This abrasive belt is highly capable when fitted on

  • centreless cylindrical grinding machines
  • surface grinding machines
  • wide belt sanders
  • wire grinding machines

This versatility translates to a host of real-world advantages as it makes the product suitable for all standard machine types. The abrasive belt CS 326 Y is available as a short, long and as a wide belt option. The outstanding properties of this abrasive belt are beneficial to both users in the metalworking industry and pipe manufacturers, stainless steel service centres and wire industry.

Abrasive belt CS 326 Y – for flawless sanding results and a long service life

The abrasive belt CS 326 Y KULEX is primarily geared towards applications on stainless steel and steel. Klingspor offers this belt in a large variety of grit sizes. The material used to bond the grain is fully synthetic resin of premium quality. The stand-out features of this long-life abrasive belt include its unrivalled service life, the impressive consistency of its work results and its satin surface scratch pattern. The backing used for this waterproof abrasive material is a tear-resistant Y-polyester.

Abrasive belt CS 326 Y – the optimum solution for surface sanding

The abrasive belt CS 326 Y by Klingspor has been engineered specifically for wet grinding applications on centreless machines. It is, however, equally capable when used for other surface sanding processes involving contact wheels. Finally, the product is also a good choice for dry grinding if the application requires a long service life and a uniform sanding result. This abrasive belt represents a product with a harder agglomerate grain that is used with a medium to high contact pressure. The KULEX, just like all other abrasives belts made by Klingspor, is furnished with a synthetically made grain, a high-quality backing and a bonding agent that offers superior reliability. Its product properties are particularly geared towards the processing of stainless steel and steel. Its unmatched characteristics translate to flawless results in day-to-day use.

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