Cut Off Wheel Type 1 (Flat) 3" X 3/64" X 3/8 A660r for Steel Klingspor 329099

Brand: Klingspor Abrasives
Product Code: 329099
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A 660 R Supra Kronenflex Small Cutting-Off Wheel


Capable of reaching even hard-to-access places, the Kronenflex small cutting-off wheel A 660 R Supra is an excellent option for work on solid material, profiles or sheets made of

  • steel
  • stainless steel

The Kronenflex small cutting-off wheel A 660 R Supra keeps burr formation down thanks to its high aggressiveness and wheel thickness. This eliminates the need for laborious rework. This cutting-off wheel is free of iron, sulphur and chlorine. It can be paired with all standard angle grinders. Depends which one? Die grinder or angle grinder. Which diameter??

Characteristics of the Kronenflex small cutting-off wheel A 660 R Supra

A notably thin glass fibre cloth is used to reinforce the Kronenflex small cutting-off wheel A 660 R Supra. The reinforcement allows this Klingspor product to achieve long service life despite its diminutive thinness. Meanwhile, the A 660 R Supra allows for fast processing times with light tool pressure. The synthetic abrasive grain incorporated between the layers of fibre glass is hard and tough. These qualities make it an outstanding option for work on stainless steel. The synthetic manufacturing of the abrasive grain results in an abrasive that delivers consistently high quality. The preferred areas of application for the Kronenflex small cutting-off wheel A 660 R Supra are plant engineering and fabrication shops.

The proper way to handle the Kronenflex small cutting-off wheel

Before mounting the Kronenflex small cutting-off wheel on the angle grinder, you should verify that it is intact and ready for use. Damaged cutting-off wheels must no longer be used. Found in the centre of the wheel is a metal ring that indicates a date. This date signifies the expiration date of the cutting-off wheel, which must not be exceeded. Before starting to work, you should allow the Kronenflex small cutting-off wheel to run without load for approx. 30 seconds. To ensure maximum safety, the user is required to work wearing protective equipment composed of gloves, protective goggles, dust mask and hearing protection as dust dispersion cannot be avoided during cutting with a cutting-off wheel.

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  • Greg Austin
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    I believe these are the best bandsaw blades I have ever bought. Both the resaw blade and the three wheel blade are still sharp after the previous blades would have failed...
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    A used to buy sanding belts from a local supplier, who would take at least a month to bring them. Skookum usually has them to my shop in about 10 days for the same price. ..
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